The MARC Farm is home to many different kinds of animals! These include honeybees, horses, goats, and sheep! As MARC is a public farm, everyone is welcome to head out to the farm when they please to visit the animals!

Below, you will find some information about all of our different animals, including their names, personalities, and more! Thank you for your interest in our animals, and they look forward to seeing you on the farm soon!

Howdy! My name is Ranger and I am a curious goat! I always like exploring all sorts of different things, and I am always itching for something to do! I’ve heard about the goats that climb on mountain cliffs in western North America, and I have always wanted to journey out there to see them! I would love for you to come and meet me, as I am always interested in making new friends! Thanks for learning a little about me!

Hello, everyone! My name is Inky because it looks like one of my goat friends spilled ink spots all over me! I like lounging out in the sun and relaxing on most days. While I can be active from time to time, I tend to enjoy taking it slow and soaking up nice weather whenever it comes by! Feel free to say hi to me if you ever stop by my corral!


Hi there! My name is Mosby, and I am so glad that you’re here to learn more about me and my friends! I am a sheep, and I enjoy staying cool. As you can see from my picture, I always prefer to lie down in the shade and to never get too much exposure to the sun. However, whenever I do venture out into the sun, I always make sure that I have my sunscreen on first! Thanks for reading about me today, and I hope that I can meet you in person soon!

Hi!! My name is Billy: yes, like Billy Goat. I get along with all of my friends here in the corral, and I enjoy a little bit of everything! Sometimes I like to be more active and play with Ranger, sometimes I like to relax with Inky, and I always like to be safe like Mosby! I would love to meet you and get to know you a little better if you would like to come and meet me! I always enjoy making new friends and learning all about them!

Hello! My name is Go Hard, and I am happy to meet you! I was born here in Maryland in 2014, and I am a Chestnut Gelding. I enjoy bonding with my fellow stablemates, and even though I can be shy at first, I always come out of my shell once I get to know you better! For example, Come Home Cate is one of my best friends! We talk all the time! Thanks for your interest in learning a little about me!

Hey, Y’all! My name is Alma! I was born in Maryland in 2016, and I am a Bay Filly horse! Although some of my friends in the stable have raced in the past, I have always preferred taking it easy like my friend Inky the goat. It is a nice life here, and I always enjoy helping other people and animals in any way I can. Thanks for your interest in me and my friends! We are all pretty cool!

Good day to you! My name is Come Home Cate, and I am glad this picture shows my good side! I am the old sage of this stable and I have been around this block a few times. I was born here in Maryland in 2005, and I am a Chestnut Mare. Even though I have not raced since 2009, you could say I was a fairly successful racehorse, as I earned $29,500 through 22 starts during my racing career. I love telling stories about my racing days, so if you ever stop by I would love to tell you one!

Our farm is home to many honeybees, way too many to count and name! If you are interested in meeting them up close, you should check out a Junior Beekeeping class (ages 9-13) or a Beginner Beekeeping class if you’re an adult! You will get to meet and learn all about them through those classes. Even though you may be scared of them (they have been known to sting occasionally) they are very important to our ecosystem and to agriculture as a whole!