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Spring Plant Sale 2021

MARC is partnering with  our fellow non-profit, the American Landscape Institute – A Work/Study program for Horticulture and Landscape College students and with Hereford High School Ag. Program to sell plants we have raised.  MARC specialized in Heirloom Tomatoes and ALI has raised a number of different vegetables including the prettiest Okra I have ever seen!  Prices are right.

Heirloom Tomatoes

Red Brandywine”:  One of the nation’s favorite Heirloom tomato varieties. The vines are vigorous, the fruits are large (sometimes> 1lb) meaty and low acid with a classic flavor.  They are somewhat like a “Beefsteak”.  Large globular or ovate fruit may crack under some weather conditions.  We have 100 to sell.

Blush Tiger”:  These are elongated 2” long, tomatoes that grow like many cherry tomatoes.  They are popular because they are high yielding, sweet, continue to ripen after being picked and are said to have a “tropical flavor”.   They are crack resistant. We have 60 to sell.

Rainbow”:  is a Beefsteak like tomato with a variegated red and yellow flesh.  The fruits may be large and can weigh two pounds. The texture is creamy, and the flavor is a bit tart but a classic “tomato taste”.   We have 35 to sell.

Granny”:  The story is that a returning GI gave “Granny” Cantrell some tomato seeds he picked up in Germany in 1945.   She grew them for years in KY and selected for large and tasty fruit.  These are said to have a traditional “tomato taste” and are usually red although some are pinkish. We have 30 to sell.

Yellow Brandywine”:  May grow to 2 lbs.  Yellow fruit has more character than some yellow tomatoes with a refreshing tart flavor that some describe as intense with a creamy texture.  We have 20 to sell.

Blue Beauty”:  This beefsteak like tomato has an unusual blue color on top that turns maroon as they ripen.  These are very resistant to cracking and sunburn.  A nice flavorful tomato.  Have 6 to sell.


Order Form:   Please E-mail your list to dave@marylandagriculture.org.   PLEASE call 410-218-7042 before you come so we can have your order ready!


Phone Number _________________________

e-mail: ______________________________________

Plant                                        # wanted         Cost                 Total

Group 1. Heirloom Tomatoes

Red Brandywine                   _____             x$2 =               _____

Blush tiger                             _____             x$2 =               _____

Rainbow                                 _____             x$2 =               _____

Granny                                   _____             x$2 =               _____

Yellow Brandywine               _____             x$2 =               _____

Blue Beauty                           _____             x$2 =               _____

Group 1 Bonus plants: For each $10 you spend on tomatoes, add two plants to the number lines and write N/C in the total line.  First come first served.  If you want more, they are $1 each.in the total line. If we run out we will contact you and offer a substitute.

? Yellow Brandywine? (8)       _____             x$1 =               _____

? Blue Beauty? (8)                  _____             x$1 =               _____

? Unknown pepper?   (36)      _____             x$1 =               _____

GROUP 2 Plants:

Clemson Spineless Okra      _____             x $2=               _____

An established variety and Cajun staple that adds body to soups, stews and gumbo!

We have 72 plants.

Pumpkin mini                        _____             x $2=               _____

We have 18 plants of darling little pumpkins, great decorations!

Spaghetti squash                  _____             x $2=               _____

We have 16, a favorite for its versatility.

Yellow Crook Neck Squash  _____             x $2=               _____

We have 28, a nicely textured summer squash.

Crimson Sweet Watermelon  ______          x $2=               _____

Crimson Sweet is sweet with dark red flesh, semi seedless, and grows up to 25 pounds. We have 18.


Sugar Baby Watermelon         ______         x $2=               _____

Sugar Baby lives up to its name!  We have 6.



Parisian Pickling Cuke.           ______         x $2=               _____

Dark green skin, firm flesh small gherkin size. We have 18.

Lemon Heirloom cuke.            ______         x $2=               _____

Tennis ball shape and size, yellow skin, not lemon flavored! We have 18.

Dwarf Teddy Bear sunflower   ______        x $2=               _____

These remain small if planted in pots but can reach 3’ in a flower bed. We Have 36.

GROUP 2 Bonus plants. For each $10 you spend on Group 2, add two plants to the number lines and write N/C in the total line.  First come first served.  If you want more, they are $1 each.in the total line. If we run out we will contact you and offer a substitute

French Filet Bean (30)             ______         x $1=               _____

Tender Bush  Bean (12)           ______         x $1=               _____

Yard Long Asparagus 

(pole Bean) (24)                        ______         x $1=               _____

Red Swiss Chard (60)              ______         x $1=               _____

Total number of ALL plants =   _______   Total Payment =         ____________


For every $10 you spend you will get one or two  Bonus Plants.

Pickup must be arranged in advance by emailing dave@marylandagriculture. com.  due to COVID, there is no Walk in Service. 

Payment Options:  Pay by check when you pick up your plants or bring exact change or use PayPal Marylandagriculture. org