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Earn Your Eagle Scout Badge on the Farm

Since its inception, Eagle Scouts have made considerable contributions to the Ag Center. From corn cribs, root cellars, and run-in-sheds to stairways, trails, and picnic areas, you don’t have to travel far on the farm to come in contact with a Scout project. Yours could be next…

[promo_box border=”0″ image=”1177″ title=”Horseshoe Pitch”]Not that they need another reason to visit the Ag Center, this addition will provide hours of fun for visiting families as well as add some friendly competition to Farm Camps. [/promo_box][promo_box border=”0″ image=”1176″ title=”Farm Stand”]This farm stand would allow MARC to display various items that are grown or produced at the farm for sale throughout the year i.e cut flowers, ornamental corn, honey. All proceeds of the sales support agricultural education programs. [/promo_box][promo_box border=”0″ image=”1178″ title=”Stallion Barn Rehab”]This barn’s bones and roof are good. She just needs a new skin. Project would involve removing invasive vines and bushes, and replacing the board an batten siding. [/promo_box][promo_box border=”0″ image=”1179″ title=”Plywood Milking Cow”]This is a fun tool to teach about dairy. [/promo_box][promo_box border=”0″ image=”1180″ title=”Outdoor Classroom “]Situated in the Old Oak Grove, this outdoor classroom would be used not only for MARC educational programs, but also by scout troops when camping at the farm. [/promo_box][promo_box border=”0″ image=”1181″ title=”Adobe Pizza Oven”]MARC can expand its programs to include a real farm to table flair when students grind their own wheat into flour, harvest vegetables from the garden, then cook up a pizza in this oven. [/promo_box][promo_box border=”0″ image=”1182″ title=”A-Frame Hydronponics Garden “]Teaching the basics of hydroponic gardening along with plant physiology and biology. [/promo_box]