The Eagle Scouts have worked extensively with the Maryland Agricultural Resource Council.

Over the past 13 years, 16 Eagle Scout projects from scouts in 5 different troops have been completed and 67 volunteers have worked on these projects donating over 1250 hours of time. In post project interviews, when Scout and Troop advisers were asked, “Why did you chose to do a project at the Ag Center?” they said: “It is great to work with an organization that can make decisions on the spot, that limits the scout’s financial support to no more than $250 and will both financially and physically support the scout in the undertaking.” They also mentioned that they liked being at the Ag Center. The support provided by MARC is not commonly found at other public institutions.

Troop 497 has been particularly involved with MARC, as they have previously worked on the restoration of a horse exercise ring (William Page), created wine barrel hand washing stations (Graham Schaffer), the repair of a run-in shed (Andrew Miller), construction of chair and table storage racks (Grant Mobley), and on the tennis court and pool reclamation from previous property use (Alex Langston).

The role that scouting groups have played in the success of MARC cannot be understated, and MARC appreciates their contribution whenever they ask to volunteer at the farm.