Poultry for the People

Poultry for the People (PFP) is an innovative program that combines social responsibility with agricultural education. Through a buy-one gift-one model – when people purchase a free-range, organic chicken raised at the 149 acre Baltimore County Ag-Center and Farm Park a second chicken will be donated to the Baltimore County Homeless Shelter System. Funds raised through the sale of the chickens will be used to fuel education programs at the farm as well as at the County’s homeless shelters. The addition of chickens to the farm will also serve to enhance existing educational programs and the overall farm experience of visitors to the park.

Protein represents the largest component of each shelter’s food budgets. For the balance of the menu, shelters rely on donations made by local churches and other charitable organizations, grocery stores, food pantries, restaurants and bakeries. While the shelters strive to provide well-balanced meals, the donation-based food supply makes meal planning difficult. Chefs work with what they have and are often forced to stretch meals by adding bread, rice or noodles.

Homeless Shelter Administrator, Terri Kingeter explains, “I am excited about the potential of this program to significantly enhance the overall quality of food being served homeless shelters. The protein provided by the PFP program will free up each shelter’s food budget and help management to purchase more fresh produce. We also cannot wait to engage our shelter youth, who comprise 27% of the shelter population in hands-on, experiential learning activities at the shelter and at the farm.”

PRICES:Chickens will average 5lbs in weight. Chickens will be individually wrapped and frozen, available for pick-up at the Baltimore County Ag Center (1114 Shawan Rd).

Single Chicken $30 $20 tax deductible contribution
Quarterly Subscription (4 – Chickens) $112 (28/bird) $72 tax deductible contribution
1/2 Year Subscription (6 – Chickens) $156 (26/bird) $96 tax deductible contribution
Full Year Subscription (12 – Chickens) $288 (24/bird) $168 tax deductible contribution

Poultry for the People Makes a Great Gift!

Need to buy something for who has everything? Why not purchase a chicken in their name. MARC will send the recipient an email explaining the program and the gift. You can choose whether to have one or both chickens donated to the shelter.

Payment Options

A. Pay By Check – Download and complete order form. Send check made out to MARC to the address on the form.

B. Pay by Credit Card –

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