Intermediate Beekeeping 2019

Dear all, we have nailed down our dates for 2019’s Intermediate Beekeeping Classes.  There will be a combination of expert beekeepers including Bill Castro and David Papke.

Intended for beekeepers who would benefit from mentored hands-on experience. Each lesson will consist of an in-depth discussion on a specific timely topic, followed by practical demonstrations in the apiary. Lessons will cover a full season of beekeeping. Everyone will have the opportunity to work with live colonies guided by an experienced beekeeper. Lessons are informal, allowing time for questions of all sorts. Learn from observation and actually working with honey bee colonies. Educate yourself. Meet other beekeepers. Help the honey bees.

NOTES: Sundays from 11:00AM-2:00PM, rain or shine. Pre-requisite: Beginner Beekeeping Course. Preregistration required, no drop-ins. Please bring your protective gear (extra veils are available). There will be a lunch break in the middle of the day, so bring a lunch with you! Limited spaces available.

2019 Dates:

April 28 – Keeping Bees

May 12 – Managing Colonies

June 23 – Maintaining Healthy Bees

July 21 – Harvesting Hive Products

Aug 25 – Prep For Winter

Sep 22 – Final Prep for Winter

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Instructor Bios:

David Papke

Past president of CMBA, David has kept bees for 40 years in OH, MD, PA, and Belize, C.A. with the Peace Corps. He currently lives in York County, PA renting colonies to growers for pollination and producing honey for the local market.

Bill Castro

Bill Castro is the owner of The Bee Friendly Apiary in Baltimore City, and is a dedicated Treatment-Free, Urban Apiarist with 30 years of hands-on experience in California, Colorado, and Maryland. His 25 years of experience as a carpenter and tradesman has made him a meticulous and busy go-to contractor for bee and swarm removals. He is a tireless and vocal advocate for pollinators, an avid gardener and all-around nature lover.

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