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Grow A Cut Flower Garden for Months of Gorgeous Bouquets

Join us for a Zoom Cut Flower Webinar January 30, 2021!

The class will be from 10:00am-11:30am on the Webex web platform, accessed with a personalized link to the course.

Tickets are $25/ per person.

Plan and plant a flower cutting garden this year in your yard or landscape. If you have an area that gets at least eight hours of sun a day, you can grow flowers to cut for yourself and friends. Local grower, Kimberly Hoffman of Kimberly’s Farm Flowers, will teach the methods she uses on her 8-acre flower farm, modified for the home gardener.

Success is all in the planning!  Learn which flowers to grow for long-lasting blooms, specific varieties for cutting, how to plant them, and when.

We’ll discuss tools, tips, and tricks to naturally keep weeds at a minimum.

Kimberly will share some reliable sources for seeds, bulbs, tools, and supplies specific to growing cut flowers. Find out how much of each flower to grow for the best bouquet combinations. Discover which of your existing perennials and shrubs also make fabulous cut flowers. Then, learn how to cut your flowers like a pro. This class will be perfect timing for July plantings and give you all the information you need to have a successful fall preparation for your Spring garden.

This webinar will be a live class with instructor Kimberly Hoffman of Kimberly’s Farm Flowers, she will have video/share her screen with the presentation for all to see, however, attendees will not have their video on. There will be a live chat section for asking questions!

We can’t wait for you all to join us again!