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Census at School: Food Preference Survey Lesson Plan and Activities


Increasing statistical literacy in youth is an important way to develop the next generation of statisticians. NASS and the American Statistical Association (ASA) with guidance from the National Agriculture in the Classroom organization developed a Food Preference Survey lesson, activities, and extensions that build on the existing ASA Census at School survey with an agricultural tie-in. The lesson teaches and addresses common core standards for grades 5-8 in Mathematics, Language Arts, Nutrition, Social Studies, National Family and Consumer Sciences. Students complete a brief online survey, analyze their class census results, and compare their class with random samples from students in the United States and other countries.


Delmarva Poultry Industry – Flock to the Classroom is a series of six lessons that explore the many facets of the chicken industry on the Delmarva Peninsula. Developed under the leadership of DPI’s Connie Parvis in cooperation with educational professionals at the Maryland Agricultural Education Foundation, the educational tools are designed to enhance science, social studies, and math classes. The lessons are aligned with one or more educational standards set to ensure their usability in regional classrooms. Copies of the 45-page manual, Flock to the Classroom, are available to middle school educators (grades 5-9) in Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia at no charge. Teachers in other states may request copies at $12.00 each. Requests may be emailed to  and must include the teacher’s name, school mailing address, grade taught, and a telephone number. Requests may also be made by telephone to 800-878-2449 or 302-856-9037.

National Ag in the Classroom

USDA supported site for Teachers. Has lesson plans, fact sheets, and many other resources.


Maryland Agricultural Education Foundation promotes the understanding and appreciation of the importance of agriculture in our daily lives. Their site has lesson plans for different age groups and also a Resources page that links you to other sites with curriculum resources.

Irvine Nature Center

The Center offers kids classes on nature and the environment in a fun, safe, and instructive outdoor setting. Kids can bring a picnic lunch to Irvine, sit at picnic tables, learn about vegetable gardens, butterflies, birds and scamper through woodland trails. The Center also offers teacher workshops.