Corn Picking Volunteer Day

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On August 4th, 2017, we put out a call for volunteers to come help pick corn.  On August 19th, over 100 volunteers came out to the farm to show their support for the community.  We had 80 buckets here and everyone was sharing!  In two hours, the volunteers picked almost 20,000 pounds of corn.

It was truly a dazzling display of humanity.

Despite the heat, volunteers stayed until the job was done, and all the corn had been picked.  The Maryland Agricultural Resource Council would like to say THANK YOU to all of the heroes who came out to help us harvest our crop. Without you, we simply could not have done it.

We donated the majority of the corn to the Maryland Food Bank and to other outreach missions around Maryland.

With the corn, MARC has donated thousands of pounds of green beans as well.  It is our hope that this food can go a long way to serving those without means in our communities.

Thank you to the volunteers, and keep an eye out for next year’s corn picking!!!