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Beekeeping Equipment Workshop February 3rd

11:00am-2:00pm at the Ag Center

Want to become a beekeeper? What equipment do you need and how do you set it up?

Already have your own Apiary? How do you properly set it up and maintain it to keep the bees healthy?

All great questions! Come and find out!

This straightforward workshop is intended for beekeepers new and not so new, and covers assembly of Langstroth hive bodies and frames, with both wax foundation and non-foundation frame set ups. Attendees are encouraged to bring their unassembled boxes and frames and learn how to put them together properly to last for the long term. Beekeeping makes for a very steep learning curve, and this workshop is intended to prevent the wasteful purchase of lesser quality or unnecessary equipment and to empower new beekeepers in the understanding and longevity of what will become a very important equipment investment to protect our most important and beloved stinging insect.

Attendees should bring their unassembled hive equipment to be assembled AND the following for hive boxes: 1 or 2 countersink drill bits #6 – 9/64″ and depending on how many boxes need to be assembled, a small or large box of Deckmate #8 x 1 – 5/8 coated deck screws. We strongly recommend weatherproof screws for the long term strength and reliability of your hive bodies, but some folks use nails. Those who intend to use nails should bring the appropriate nails. We will provide jigs for frame assembly, drills, compressors, staple guns and staples for frame assembly.


Workshop to be presented by Devra He’ui Kitterman, retired owner/operator of He’ui Horticultural Services for 27 years, who has continued her passion for plants, wildlife, and environmental issues by becoming a beekeeper and advocate for pollinators and habitat conservation. Kitterman is the Maryland Agricultural Resource Council’s Pollinator Coordinator and has a wealth of information to share!


$40 per person.

Listen to Queen Bee, Devra Kitterman and former Managing Director, Wes Jamison  talk about bees, pollination, and the role of the Maryland Agricultural Resource Council in educating the public about agriculture: