MARC is always looking for potential interns.

Roles may include, but are not limited to:

Marketing/Web Management:

  • Social Media
    • Take, edit and post pictures, news, and video to Instagram, Twitter, Facebook
    • Website management
      • Putting programs online
      • Updating calendar
      • Online Ticketing System (Xola)
        • Setting up programs
        • Troubleshooting issues
    • Mass emailing
      • Newsletter
      • Program Updates


  • Phones when a volunteer is not in the office
  • Paperwork – small tasks such as donor communications, filing, stage requests…
  • Program management (Xola)
    • Setting up programs for ticket management service – troubleshooting customer issues

Program/Event Management:

  • Developing relationships to implement programs (speakers, demonstrations, workshops…)
  • Sourcing partners to help fund or implement
  • Audience development – partnerships
  • Any and all tasks related to helping our programs run – online management as well as helping program leaders get set up and implement programs

“Trail Blazer” Project:

  • Setting up signs across the park to coordinate with information on the website so that attendees can learn about agriculture, and what’s going on on our farm

Soil Conservation Video Project:

  • Create educational video about soil conservation, waterway project which is currently ongoing

A program of your choice!

  • If you’re interested an agriculture-related program, please let us know, and if it fits within the mission, we’ll do everything in our power to make it happen.

If you are interested in any of these responsibilities, please send a note and a resume to us at