Beginner Beekeeping

Introduction to Beekeeping Course

Intensive 2-day course on Feb. 10th and Feb. 17th


9:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Tickets cost $70 for one ticket, $100 for two tickets

This beginner’s beekeeping course is perfect for individuals who are curious about bee hives and the bees that maintain them. This course will help you build a framework to continue your education as a junior beekeeper, or simply a person who recognizes the irreplaceable value honey bees hold in our food system.

The course will cover:

  • Beekeeping equipment
  • The biology of the honey bee
  • How to treat and deal with bee stings
  • What to do when a swarm occurs
  • General management of the bee hives
  • How to extract honey
  • How to identify and treat bee diseases


About the Instructor: 

Steve McDaniel has been keeping bees since 1979.  He took the rigorous Master Beekeeper Exam at the Eastern Apicultural Society’s annual convention in 1994 and became a certified EAS Master Beekeeper of which there are about 120 in North America.  He teaches an annual course in beginning beekeeping and gives many entertaining presentations and slide talks to clubs, schools, and nature centers about various aspects of beekeeping and bee biology. An award-winning professional nature photographer, he illustrates most of his talks with his stunning images and has provided the pictures for several books. Steve has worked in the past as the President of the Maryland State Beekeepers Association, and has been involved in the Carroll County Beekeepers Association, and the Central Maryland Beekeepers Association.

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